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It's frustrating when back and joint pain disrupt the life you love. I've been there. Helping people get their lives back from pain and injury is my passion.


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For People in Pain Who Want to Get Back to the Life They Enjoy


Gentle, Hands on Treatment for Pain Relief and Better Function

Chiropractic Care


Foot, Ankle, Knee and Hip Pain Relief for Comfort and Better Performance

Custom Orthotics


Lasting Relief and Re-Injury Prevention

Nutritional Supplements, Pillows and Ergonomic Supports


Since my back injury a couple of years ago, managing pain has been a regular part of my life. My father kept trying to get me to see Dr. Virinder but I held off because I was skeptical. After a flare up made it hard for me to sit, stand or sleep, he insisted I go in. I was really anxious that it would hurt. To my surprise Dr. Virinder was very gentle and working with her has increased my self awareness. Following her recommendations has helped me to decrease the pain I am in and gives me a way to head off problems when initial symptoms start.

Amanda D.

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